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Re: ELF conversion (was Re: 1.0 issues: FSSTND compliance & preparation for a.out abolishment)

> However, more directly to the point of moving elfward, I like Ian's
> suggestion about a elf-available(8) test during preinst of elf-dependent
> (elfish?) packages.  It seems clean, simple, and effective to me.

Perhaps, but just for this one, single, isolated case.

I think you are focusing too much on the change of binary formats
(a.out to ELF).  Don't forget that there is a fundamentally, much
bigger change going on as well (libc-4.x to libc-5.x).  I hope
libc-6.x and X11R7 are still a long ways away, but they will happen
eventually.  Why can't we plan ahead now so that we can make these
types of transitions easier in the future?  Surely we can do better
than the xpkgR5/xpkgR6 mess we had a while back.

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