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Nils, I'm sending this to Debian Devel, as mail bounced when I sent
this to you at nils@nus.pan-net.de ...


Sounds like  a huge improvement over   the old shell script.   Can you
send me a copy, or should I wait to grab it from the new TeX packages?

As  far  as  the  paper sizes are   concerned,  they are  simply those
defined, or understood, by   ghostscript.  You should  be abe  to find
them in the a2gs man page, or in one of the ghostscript config files -
can't remember which one.

On another  topic, do you  know much PostScript?   I seem  to remember
that there is  a command for getting  the file handle of the programme
being interpreted, which will give STDIN  if it is STDIN.  This should
help fix  a longstanding bug  in a2gs.   On the  other hand, I  should
really just bite the bullet and package up genscript.

I'm sorry I can't be of more help - my Debian  box is at home, and I'm



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