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Re: Release management and package announcements

   Date: Wed, 1 Nov 95 13:16 GMT
   From: Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk>

   Ian Murdock writes ("Re: Release management and package announcements"):
   > Are we going to start with an a.out 1.0 and migrate to an ELF 1.0?
   > If so, I'd agree that this is what we should do (and what I'll do
   > if we all think this is the best option).

   I think we should start with an a.out 1.0 tree.  This will give us a
   bleeding edge tree straight away, and we can then use our incremental
   upgrade mechanisms to make the 1.0 tree move towards ELF.

Okay--I'll agree with this.  Are there any major objections?

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