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Re: Debian for Linux/{non-i386} / source packaging

On Tue, 31 Oct 1995, James A. Robinson wrote:

> Now hold on a second there!  What about packages put together from
> multiple sources?  Say MH with Linux patchs?  I don't want to deal
> with writing something that will be able to intelligently do the
> patchs needed and then make the source.

That's a wrinkle I don't think we've yet considered.
It seems like Bruce's proposal could cover this, though.

The EXTRACT file could create a subdirectory and extract the
multiple upstream source packages into separate subdirectories
under that.

The third file (unnamed by Bruce) could contain a tarfile of
several tarfiles, each containing a single upstream source

The DELTA file is described by Bruce as containing patch input.
I'm thinking it'd be better to have it contain a script to debianize
the sources.  The patch input itself (and perhaps multiple patch
inputs for the multiple upstream sources) could be contained
internally in that file as one or more in "here files".  The user,
then, wouldn't need to (mis?)apply the patches manually.

I haven't looked at MH, but it sounds like there'd be an
upstream source subdirectory for MH, and one for the linux
patches.  The DELTA script, then, would apply the linux
patches to the MH sources, then apply its internal debianizing
patches to what resulted from that.

If pristine upstream sources are needed by a user, they'd still
be there, and would be easy to extract manually.

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