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Re: Release management and package announcements

   Date: Sun, 29 Oct 95 01:04 GMT
   From: Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk>

   If this is true then we need to copy the whole of the binary area from
   0.93 to 1.0, so that 1.0 instantly becomes the `bleeding-edge'

Are we going to start with an a.out 1.0 and migrate to an ELF 1.0?
If so, I'd agree that this is what we should do (and what I'll do
if we all think this is the best option).

If we're going to start with an ELF 1.0 (which is what I assumed we
would do), we need to replace the current gcc, libc, etc. packages
with ELF versions as the default and make the necessary changes to
the existing packages to turn them into a.out compatability packages
(i.e., move the libraries in /lib to /lib/a.out or whatever).  After
we do that, we need to build an ELF base system, so developers will
be able to install a completely ELF system and start rebuilding the
packages they are responsible for.

I'm open to either option.

   Somehow the FTP site maintainer's programs also need to know which
   section (subdirectory) the files should go in.  I suggest that this
   information be provided by the `overrides' file on the FTP site, which
   is already used by the npdpkg program which generates the Packages

Agreed.  I don't think the location should be decided by individual
package maintainers, though they will be free to suggest a location.

   Is everyone reasonably happy with the above ?


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