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1.0 issues: move to ncurses


The Powers That Be (most importantly, the linux libraries maintainers)
have decided to drop both termcap and curses support (they are not
present in the newer ELF libc's for example).
Both of these libraries are replaced by ncurses, which AFAIK uses
the same interface.


http://sable.ox.ac.uk/~jo95004/elf.html The ELF web page. Includes
  H.J. Lu's statement about dropping support. 
http://www.ccil.org/~esr/ncurses.html  (Eric S. Raymond's ncurses page;
  Eric is a co-maintainer of ncurses).

Required action

The move to ncurses involves changes source packages to use ncurses
per default, and fall back to curses or termcap when ncurses is not
available. This is probably best done in coordination with the 
upstream maintainer(s).

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