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Bug#1780: mh looks in the wrong place for 'more'

Package: mh
Version: 6.8.3-2

The 0.93R6 MH mail user interface package causes it to be impossible to
read any mail, since the default moreproc is '/usr/bin/more', and the current
Debian release appears to put more in '/bin/more' instead.  You end up with
errors like:

	bdale@chunks:~: show
	(Message inbox:386)
	show: unable to exec /usr/bin/more: No such file or directory

The fix is probably to change the file conf/MH in the source tree, whacking
the line

	options SYS5 MORE='"/usr/bin/more"' RENAME SYS5DIR UNISTD SVR4 MIME

to point to the right location for more.

It is possible to work around this defect by specifying an explicit path for
more in the user's .mh_profile:

	moreproc: /bin/more

But this shouldn't be necessary.


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