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Bug#1769: bison files in /usr/share

   Date: Sun, 29 Oct 95 10:33 MET
   From: "Bernd S. Brentrup" <bsb@uni-muenster.de>

   >/usr/share is "certainly" a better place.  The Bison parser
   >skeletons are architechure-independent.

   I apologize for bad wording (english isn't my native language),
   what I meant to say is don't start cluttering /usr/share before
   it has been agreed upon.

   A lot of the stuff that's traditionally located in the /usr/lib
   subtree is architecture independent and should be moved under

I agree completely.  We should move everything at once.  If we don't,
we'll start looking like Slackware. ;)  (I remember chuckling when I
learned that Slackware included a /usr/share with one file in it...)

Don't get me wrong--I'm all for /usr/share, but I agree with Bernd.
This should be fixed until we move everything to /usr/share, which
will be when the FSSTND tells us to.

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