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Bug#1770: xntp dumps core with kernel 1.3.35

Austin Donnelly writes:
> Package: xntp
> Version: 3.4x-1
> The 'struct timex' structure has changed in the newser 1.3.x kernels
> (for x approx > 28 or so, I'm told).
> This means that xntpd binaries compiled agains old kernels dumps core
> on startup.
> I'm told that version 3.4t has support for the latest linux, but I
> haven't tried it.
> Also, there is the problem that there would need to be _2_ xntp
> packages, one for old kernels, one for new kernels.  Eugh!!
> Can anyone think of a better idea ?

Last time I looked the next version of xntp which was supposed to fix
the problem hadn't been released. When it is I'll make a new package
and fix whatever problems come along. I did say this about 5 days ago
to a similiar bug report.


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