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Re: pre-inst and post-inst scripts that start and stop daemons

Rather than naming the effect you want, not starting daemons, I would
think it better to name the situation, like DEB_BASE_BUILD or
something.  Now as time goes on, the scripts will be left to do the
right thing, for that set of conditions.  This, of course, should be
documented like nobody's business. 


   Date: Thu, 26 Oct 95 21:38 PDT
   From: bruce@Pixar.com (Bruce Perens)
   To: debian-devel@Pixar.com
   Subject: pre-inst and post-inst scripts that start and stop daemons
   Part of the process of building the base disks involves installing all of
   the base packages on an "alternate root", that is using the "--root"
   argument of "dpkg" to set its idea of the root to the directory in which
   I'm building the base.
   When I do this, I see a lot of messages about not being able to kill
   network daemons, /proc not being mounted, etc. Also, daemons are
   probably being started when it isn't appropriate. However, I do want
   to execute the pre-inst and post-inst scripts because most of the work
   they do is useful and necessary to build correct base disks.
   I think we should agree on an environment variable that I can set to
   tell the pre- and post-inst scripts not to start of kill daemons.
   be an appropriate thing to use?
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