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Re: announcement

On Thu, 26 Oct 1995, Ian Murdock wrote:

> Should I add anything (for example, about the mirror problems) to the
> announcement?  Here is what I have thus far.  I want to send it in a
> few hours, so please speak now or forever (or until the next release,
> whichever comes first) hold your peace.

I would run through the mirrors you have and check it a little bit. 
Someone plesae mail me a copy of the current ftp.sites or whatever it is 
called, so that I can update it with my archives of mirror sites.. I will 
then modify the failure announcement :) when there are too many ftp's 
with the output of that file. I will also give the status of the ftp 
sites wether they have a full mirror or a part mirror up down or whatever...

>From this day forward until the slump between next releases :) any mirror 
_caught_ running in "user space" a.k.a. Anonymous are the mercy of a 
kill -9 PID.

If you are still mirroring using anonymous please mail toor@cps.cmich.edu
I will contact you from there.

Infact add,to the announcement, that if they want to become a public 
mirror to mail

mbailey@ftp.debian.org or toor@cps.cmich.edu. I will then add this to all 
needed files. (machine readable/human readable) Maybe for use with a ftp 
method so it knows where to go so the user can select a local site..

Anyway other than that I would go for it...


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