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Re: dchanges change suggestions

Hmmmm.  One set of typos I made in my recent response to Ian's
requests/suggestions started me thinkin about the format of the
changes file "File" field.  Currently, it looks like:

# File: <name> <size> <md5sum> <destination>
File: e2-2.0.beta-2.deb 372254 c2680f4e26f2fe948ff8693613fd2a53 binary/editors
File: e2-2.0.beta-2.diff.gz 11297 90f50714858ee192ca83ea3127072071 source/editors
File: e2-2.0.beta-2.tar.gz 373090 fe1a89cb8f84671c098d21eaf410fee6 source/editors

How about changing it so it looks like:
 c2680f4e26f2fe948ff8693613fd2a53    372254 e2-2.0.beta-2.deb
 90f50714858ee192ca83ea3127072071     11297 e2-2.0.beta-2.diff.gz
 fe1a89cb8f84671c098d21eaf410fee6    373090 e2-2.0.beta-2.tar.gz

That is, an empty "Files" field, followed by a field extension with
one line per file containing <md5sum> <size> <name>, whitespace-delimited.

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