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Bug#1766: Bug in script checksecurity in package cron

Manoj Srivastava writes ("Bug#1766: Bug in script checksecurity in package cron"):
> 	Explanation: The mount | grep -v command is the problem for
>  anyone who has more than one partitions mounted; the script actually
>  tries to run find with multiple starting points (which is an error),
>  like find dir1 dir2 dir3 -xdev ...  The solution is to look at all
>  the directories discovered by the mount snippet and examine each in a
>  for loop. (This has been one of my more incoherent explanations; feel
>  free to mail me for clarifications).

>From find(1):

       find [path...] [expression]

You are allowed to specify several paths.  What makes you think you
aren't ?

> 	Also, I think one should exclude all mounted systems of type
>  msdos (If nothing else, it save time).

That's probably a good idea.  I'll implement it.


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