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Bug#1744: dpkg: cannot scan updates directory `/var/lib/dpkg/updates/': No such file or directory

Raul Miller writes:
> It does look like scandir() is the culprit -- and dpkg-deb -I also
> fails.  I've written perl programs which call readdir() on this new
> system and they seem to work fine, so I have some confidence that this
> isn't a umsdos filesystem implementation problem (though I'm not ready
> to cross that off my list either).
> It would be ideal, for me, if you could re-write dpkg, etc. without
> scandir.  However, I imagine this is going to have to get fixed in
> libc or some such.

There is a rather ropey version of scandir in compat.c, which gets
compiled in automatically if `configure' sees that you don't have

Try editing config.h not to define HAVE_SCANDIR and see what happens.

Obviously the libc (or kernel - I think they changed the directory
reading interface) should be fixed eventually.


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