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Bug#1763: sysklogd init script has no links to rcx.d

Andrew Howell writes ("Re: Bug#1763: sysklogd init script has no links to rcx.d"):
> Ian Jackson writes:
> > Since the package should not have been renamed (see my recent message
> > on debian-devel) this is all moot, but what should really have been
> > done was just to add the extra `k' to the existing links.
> Considering it's now in binary/base and probably on the new disk set Bruce
> is making I wouldn't call it moot.

The new syslog package with the `k' in its name should be REMOVED from
the distribution and replaced with the old one with the `k'.  I said a
while ago that it should not be moved into it, and now that it has
been it should be removed again immediately.

Installing the new package will probably wipe out the user's
configuration, including the syslog.conf !!


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