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Re: changes file format

ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk said:
> Release announcements are prepared in whatever way the package   
> maintainer likes, and submitted in a format that looks like yours.

It would be nice if we could use the existing "dchanges" tool to do this.

>  The announcements are reformatted into a format that looks like 
> mine, before being posted (to the instant-updates list, see below).

Fine. I don't really care what the human-readable format looks like if we can
use "dchanges" as the input to the script that produces it.

> I can write a program to convert between the two formats, so that if 
> you edit your changelog in my format you can generate the release 
> announcement in dchanges format and never have to read it.

That's fine.

> The only thing I think I need to do this is a way to represent a 
> blank line in the dchanges format's "Changes" field.

Didn't you do something like this for the description field in Debian packages?


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