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Re: changes file format

Bill Mitchell writes ("changes file format"):
> Just out of curiosity, does the following represent a horribly
> formatted and human-unreadable package announcement?  Except for
> the lack of a Priority field, it passes the dchanges(1) syntax check.

I completely fail to understand why anyone is promoting this format.

It is ugly, and my format is machine readable too.

For comparison, below is what that announcement would have looked like
if I'd generated it (assuming priority=medium).

James A. Robinson writes ("Re: changes file format "):
> Very nice!  I think it looks quite good.

Are you saying it looks anywhere near as nice as mine ?  (Ra ra ra
format wars.)  This sounds really childish, I suppose, but there is an
important issue here: having our release announcements and changelog
files look good and be easily readable is important.

Given that both formats are machine-readable and that they have almost
exactly the same content there seems little reason to choose the
uglier of the two.

Oh, and mine would have allowed the maintainer to put some blank lines
in the list of changes, which I think would have helped the
readability too.

> I also happen to like seeing the MD5SUM and file size information.

In my format you can pass the md5sum information to `md5sum -c'.


Adduser is a utility to add users and groups to the system.

adduser (1.94-2); priority=MEDIUM

  * Makefile: moved symlink creation from postinst/prerm into 
              the build stage
  * debian.postinst, debian.prerm: deleted
  * adduser.8: changed documentation for --home feature
  * adduser.pl: fixed some file locking races (Bug#1720)
  * adduser.pl: create home directory with setgid bit when 
                using usergroups (Bug#1544)
  * adduser.pl: corrected permissions for copies of /etc/skel
                files (Bug#1544)
  * adduser.pl: run /usr/local/sbin/adduser.local if it exists
                (patch for this feature provided in Bug#1544)
  * adduser.pl: now always does chown before chmod
                (Bug#1544, Bug#1720)
  * adduser.pl: now correctly copies dot files from /etc/skel
  * adduser.pl: now gives informative message when called from
                a non-root user (Bug#1350)
  * adduser.pl: enforces that user names are never longer than
                8 characters (Bug#1241)
  * adduser.pl: now copies everything below /etc/skel (Bug#1542)

 -- Sven Rudolph <sr1@irz301.inf.tu-dresden.de>  23 Oct 1995 18:43:31 MET

847dfb732aa3e994f1917d27ffc20eb3  adduser-1.94-2.deb
70fa124c71e5b709019f6729eb8cfe11  adduser-1.94-2.tar.gz
-rw-r--r--   1 root     root        13122 Oct 23 18:43 adduser-1.94-2.deb
-rw-rw-r--   1 root     ian         24448 Oct 23 18:43 adduser-1.94-2.tar.gz

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