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Bug#1757: Bash doesn't quote correctly

Package: bash
Version: 1.14.4-5

Bash doesn't quote correctly in some cases.  Here is a test case which
exhibits the problem:

---start of showbug---
./printargc $0 ${1+"$@"}
---end of showbug---

---start of printargc---
echo 'argc =' $#
---end of printargc---

Running "showbug '1 2'" should result in "argc = 2", but instead results
in "argc = 3".

This bug is fixed in bash-1.14.5.  From the NEWS file:

This file documents the bugs fixed between this release, bash-1.14.5,
and the last public bash release, 1.14.4.
1.  Bugs fixed in Bash
d.  Fixes to the expansion code so that double quotes on the rhs of
    ${variableOPword} are handled better.

This fix is badly needed by some scripts which I run routinely.

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