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Bug#1736: atrun' man page: -l is optional

Susan G. Kleinmann writes ("Bug#1736: `atrun' man page: -l is optional"):
> Pacakage: at
> Version: 2.8a-2
> In atrun's manpage, the SYNOPSIS line reads:
>     atrun [-l load_avg] [-d]
> I believe it should read:
>     atrun [[-l] load_avg] [-d]

Does this really strike you as a documentation rather than an
implementation bug ?  (I haven't checked yet whether I can see it in
the code.)

It seems to me that the correct thing to do here would be to change
the code so that the -l was required, like the manpage says.

I see that I'll have to modify the default crontab if I do this, as
I've taken advantage of this bug there.  Hmm.


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