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Bug#1738: `errors' in /usr/info/accounting

Package: acct
Version: 5-12

There are inconsistencies in the documentation of the paths of
accouting files.

The info page for 'accounting' says that the files of interest are:
/usr/adm/wtmp     <== records for each log in and log out
/usr/adm/acct     <== records each command that was run
/usr/adm/usracct  <== summary of info in /usr/adm/acct by user
/usr/adm/savacct  <== summary of info in /usr/adm/acct by command

The wtmp(5) man page also report on /var/adm/wtmp and /var/adm/utmp.

--login appears to be writing its accounting output to

--the default cron.daily sends 'accton' and 'savelog' output to
  and lastcomm appears to be reading its input from that file.

--the default cron.monthly sends 'ac' and 'last' output to

--sa summarizes info from /var/account/pacct into /var/account/savacct
   and /var/account/usracct, respectively.

The problems in the accounting info page occur both in the Preface and in
the individual sections on each of the commands.

(In the Subject line, I used 'error' in quotes, since I don't know what
the Debian policy is re: customizing the man pages for the Debian

I use dpkg 1.0.3-0, kernel 1.2.13-4, libc 4.6.27-6.

Susan Kleinmann

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