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where to put packages?

In article <m0t7EK2-0005mZC@mongo.pixar.com> you wrote:
: ... and the expected destination of those files.

That raises an interesting question for me, my apologies if it's docuemented
somewhere that I haven't found yet.

What's the protocol for picking a directory to dump a new package in?  

It was pretty easy for the 'watch' utility I packaged as my first attempt to
choose 'misc', but if I submit to Bruce's arm-twisting and package some of 
my 29k cross-development tools, it almost seems like they'd deserve a new 
subdirectory like 'cross', or maybe 'embedded' (since they're for doing 
software for embedded systems?), and if I chose to package up the latest 
cut of dosemu which I just got working (fairly trivially, I might add), 
then it's not at all clear to me where to put it?  Maybe "games", since DOS 
is just a toy?  :-)


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