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Bug#1732: Bad arithmetic in new perl packages

Fernando wrote to debian-bugs:
> Pakckage: perl
> Version: 5.001-5
(perl5-porters, this is 5.001m without additional packages).

> Notes: tried a.out only, happens also with 5.001-4, however 5.001-3 is OK
(5.001-3 == 5.001e).

> Perl seems to be confused making some arithmetic operations (additions).
> Sometimes the result of $a+=$b, when $a is 0 and $b is 2 happens to be
> 2.000004192 or something similar.

Fernando, I unfortunately have no idea what is causing this. Please
provide a short script which shows this behaviour (reliably if possible).

Perl5-porters, is this a known bug?

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