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Re: ChangeLog format

On Sat, 21 Oct 1995, Ian Jackson wrote:

> Ian Murdock writes ("ChangeLog format"):
> > Personally, I like Ian J.'s ChangeLog format--I think it satifies
> > both goals of being human-readable and machine-readable.
> Would it be helpful if I wrote a spec. saying what the format is, so
> that people writing changelogs and programs to manipulate them had a
> document telling them what to do ?

Just to recap, from my point of view:

- There was an announcement that Bruce had taken over as the
  main man driving the mechanics of the distribution.

- Bruce posted a new changelog format, and asked for discussion.

- There was a bit of discussion -- not much.

- Bruce asked for volunteers to produce a program to mechanize
  changelog construction for package announcements.

- I volunteered, and the dchanges package resulted.  It was
  based on Bruce's posted format, with some minor points
  clarified in email between Bruce and myself.

Perhaps I was mistaken in thinking the format had stabilized.

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