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Bug#1715: ispell recommends word-list - nonexistent package

Package: ispell
Version: 3.1.18-2

The `ispell' package says:
 recommends: ispell-dictionary, word-list

However, there is no package `word-list', nor does any package Provide
`word-list'.  (Packages-Master of the 21st of October, 00:49GMT.)

This means that when you select ispell in dselect you get a
conflict/dependency resolution screen which is supposed to warn you
about this potential problem (remember that a Recommends line is quite
a strong recommendation).

(Currently - dpkg 1.0.5 - the conflict/dependency resolution screen is
less informative than it might be; I intend to improve this, but the
problem will not go away until the bad recommendation is fixed.)


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