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Re: Package Giveaway, Take Two

Ted Hajek writes:
>On Mon, 16 Oct 1995, I wrote:
>I have found volunteers to maintain adduser and ncftp.  Are there any 
>takers for ghostscript, gsfonts or svgalib?

Provided an upgrade to ghostscript 3.33 is acceptable for Debian, I will take
ghostscript and gsfonts.

In my understanding, there shouldn't be a problem to include it on a CD-ROM as
long as you include the source code too - but I'm no expert in U.S
copyright law.

-----------------[ from ghostscript/3.33/doc/PUBLIC ]-------------------------
2.  Restrictions.

This license is subject to the following restrictions:

(a) Distribution of the Program or any work based on the Program by a
commercial organization to any third party is prohibited if any payment is
made in connection with such distribution, whether directly (as in payment
for a copy of the Program) or indirectly (as in payment for some service
related to the Program, or payment for some product or service that
includes a copy of the Program "without charge"; these are only examples,
and not an exhaustive enumeration of prohibited activities).  However, the
following methods of distribution involving payment shall not in and of
themselves be a violation of this restriction:

	(i) Posting the Program on a public access information storage and
retrieval service for which a fee is received for retrieving information
(such as an on-line service), provided that the fee is not
content-dependent (i.e., the fee would be the same for retrieving the same
volume of information consisting of random data).

	(ii) Distributing the Program on a CD-ROM, provided that the files
containing the Program are reproduced entirely and verbatim on such
CD-ROM, and provided further that all information on such CD-ROM be
redistributable for non-commercial purposes without charge.


-- Siggy (the middle S.)

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