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Bug#1710: popclient can't read my mail box

Andrew Howell writes ("Re: Bug#1710: popclient can't read my mail box"):
> Ian Jackson writes:
> > If it does lock the mailbox correctly you may well find that the
> > problem with `popclient localhost' is that popclient and in.pop3d are
> > clashing over the lock on the mailbox.  `popclient localhost' is an
> > inherently silly thing to do.
> Well netscape 2.0b1's mailmove program didn't have permission to
> create a lock file in /var/spool/mail, and there was no way in hell
> that I was going to make it setuid, so I switched it over to using
> POP instead, and when that gave an error I wondered what the hell was
> going on. So I tried mail and popclient and they both failed as well....

Ah.  When I said `popclient localhost' was inherently silly, this was
because it was a request to move mail from /var/spool/mail/<user> to
/var/spool/mail/<user>, which would be pointless even if it worked.

`popclient localhost -o <filename>', on the other hand, ought to
work.  It does for me.


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