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Bug#1705: dselect has a strange

Package: dpkg
Version: 1.0.5

If I start up dselect, choose "select", and hit return without making
any changes, I wind up with the following screen.  I am not able to
fathom the purpose of this screen, nor am I particularly interested in
removing these packages from my system.  [Of course, it's plausible
that if I removed these packages then re-installed them that this
artifact would vanish....]

dselect - recursive package listing                  +/-=select v=verbose ?=help
HIOS Pri Section  Package      Description
 *** Std text     ispell       An interactive spelling corrector
 *** Opt tex      dvipsk       TeX DVI-driver for Postscript
  ** Xtr non-free gopherd      Serves documents using the Internet Gopher+ Proto
 *** Xtr tex      hyperlatex   Creating HTML using LaTeX documents.

ispell       installed;  selected (was: selected).  Standard
ispell recommends word-list

interrelationships affecting ispell


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