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Bug#1678: w3-el: no install-info; elisp files; mailcrypt

Dirk, thanks for including your explanation of the current packaging
of elisp files.  While it clarified the current condition it also
helped me to pinpoint my issue with the treatment of elisp sources.

I'm not having a fit over this.  If debian distributions are to go
against the convention of keeping elisp files as a primary
distribution form for the sake of disk space, I can accept that.  If
we are doing to follow the convention of a different language, I find
it unreasonable.

If for what ever reason we do separate the elisp source files, I would
like to see it stated as a convention to be followed by all elisp
related packages and I would want to ensure that when sources are
installed that they fall into the same directory as the compiled

I think the example set by the emacs and emacs-el packages is the
correct model to follow.


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