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Re: dpkg Selective Install

> From: david@rem.ods.com (David Engel)
> Subject: Re: dpkg Selective Install
> > A better solution is, I think, firstly to use a mechanism I propose to
> > add to dpkg to have it selectively not install certain files (those
> > matching a list of wildcards in a configuration file somewhere).
> > Secondly, if you install a link in /usr/local/sbin called install-info
> > pointing to /bin/true suddenly all the problems with install-info
> > vanish :-).
> > 
> > Do people think this is so gross a hack that we shouldn't recommend it
> > to people who don't want to install the info files ?
> Yes.  I'd rather only give users a well defined, limited set of
> classes of files to not install (eg. man pages, info files, examples,
> etc.).  The install/remove scripts should then be modified to handle
> these cases.

Hear, hear!!  This matches my thinking on the subject.  For any given
package, we should install the copyright information (to protect ourselves)
and then most everything else should be optional.  (Someone /might/ want
_just_ the docs...)  There should be a system-wide configuration file
(/etc/dpkg ?) and an option within dselect to make these choices on a
per-package basis.  (The hacks that have been suggested will only cause

(More on this later, when I have more time.)

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