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Re: ppp 2.2?

   Date: Wed, 4 Oct 95 08:39 EST
   From: Ian Murdock <imurdock@debian.org>

   Argh.  I just noticed that I'm going to have to rebuild the kernel to
   support ppp 2.2.  Should I completely build another image package, or
   should I just add the new ppp module to the ppp 2.2 package?

No, this is a bad idea; then we'd be including kernel-dependent
binaries in a non-kernel package.  I guess I'll have to rebuild the
image package to support this.

Bruce, please delay making the final basedisks until this evening,
after I've had a chance to upload the new image package.  I'll be away
from the office all day today, so I won't be able to start until later
this afternoon.

Ted (maintainer of adduser) and Martin (maintainer of syslogd), could
you fix the bugs I reported earlier sometime today?  (If not, it isn't
a big deal--I just want you to know that we're really close to making
the final version of the 0.93R6 basedisks, if you want fixed versions

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