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Re: Sizes and Packages in dselect

On Wed, 4 Oct 1995, Ian Jackson wrote:

> > For each file in the files list, find the deepest existing directory
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> This is where the problem starts :-).  Obviously this can be done
> fairly easily if you're willing to have the user download a list of
> all the files included in every package, plus their sizes.  I don't
> think that's reasonable, though; even compressed, the Contents file
> for just the main part of the distribution is 120Kb.

We've covered this ground before, several times.  I didn't take
the time to try to dredge up past discussions, but did a quick
test.  I don't have the current distribution handy at the
moment, but I do happen to have bits and pieces from 0.93r5.
The packages I have in the base directory total 3619624 bytes.
"dpkg --contents" gives a bit more verbose of a list than would
be needed for sizing.  "dpkg --contents" on all these packages,
putting the output into separate files, produces a total of 213503
bytes of data.  "gzip -9" on all those output files reduces that
to 25172 bytes of data.  That's about 0.7% additional overhead.
Actually, it'd be less that that since the "dpkg --contents" output
is more verbose than would be needed.  (my previous suggestion was
to include as part of package overhead a file with pathname, size,
and md5sum information for all files in the package -- with this
info being determined at package build time).

> I think it's probably better just to stick a single `Size' field in
> the Packages file.

Which wouldn't help in sizing per-partition usage.

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