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Dselect / dpkg interaction.

After talking to Stephen Tweedie <sct@dcs.ed.ac.uk> last night about
my understansing of the current way which dselect and dpkg handle the
'Z' conffiles option, he came up with one possible solution I thought
should be aired.

At the moment, dselect sets an environment variable, and dpkg then
tests this and spawns a new shell if appropriate.  Is that correct?

Stephen suggests that dselect should trap the SIGSTOP from dpkg, and
not treat it as a SIGTERM.  dselect should then send itself a SIGSTOP,
followed by a SIGCONT.  This means the signals are propogated back to
the originating shell, altogether cleaner and less resource hungry.

Ian, do you think this is a Good Thing?

Just a thought for some mulling....

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