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Ispell dictionary guidelines

I knocked up this text this morning, before going away for a week, as
I've had some interest from people wishing to see more ispell
dictionaries.  I'll probably read my mail at the weekend, but I won't
be sending any out until next week, probably Tuesday.

I hope this is enough to let interested people build their own ispell
dictionary packages.

Debian Ispell Dictionaries

This document describes how to build a Debian ispell dictionary.  It
is loosely based on the forthcoming Portuguese dictionary, which is
currently being cleared for copyright.

The following files are required:

debian.rules			- As always for Debian packages.
debian-i<language>.control	- Standard Debian control file.
debian-i.{postinst,prerm}	- Template files.
debian-make-scripts		- Create debian scripts from templates.

In addition, you'll need some way of creating the language hash and
aff files.  This example uses the 'buildhash' program which comes with

Until a Debian wide standard for selecting administrator chosen
defaults, hopefully taking advantage of 'update-alternatives', is
decided upon, please use the template scripts in this example.  They
may not be the cleanest, or most elegant way of solving the problem,
but they work so long as all ispell dictionary packages follow the

I'll upload this g-zipped tar archive as
ispell-dictionary-devel.tar.gz to ftp.debian.org, for anyone wishing
to create their own dictionary packages.

Please get back in touch if you have any questions.

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