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Bug#1536: contents on ftp.debian.org usefull?

I don't understand how to use the "Contents" file on ftp.debian.org
(and mirrors). First of all the explanation in the header should refer
to "Contents" or "Contents.gz" and not to "CONTENTS". This is minor
but anyway.

>From the "Contents" file:
> You can use this file to determine which package contains a specific
> file, or whether or not a specific file is included with the system.
> (Last updated on Sun Oct  1 04:47:09 EDT 1995)

I did run some tests:
$ zcat Contents.gz | grep /usr/bin/ed
/usr/bin/ed                                      /debian.org/ftp/debian/debian
$ zcat Contents.gz | grep /usr/bin/minicom
/usr/bin/minicom                                 /debian.org/ftp/debian/debian
$ zcat Contents.gz | grep /usr/bin/virtex
/usr/bin/virtex                                  /debian.org/ftp/debian/debian

I doubt that this is what Contents was made for. IMO the information
given is not very usefull. Except that in the file which are in BASE
give BASE instead of /debian.org/ftp/debian/debian.


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