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Re: xntp-3.4x fails to compile with linux 1.3.30

Torsten Duwe writes:
>     >>  That is a libc problem. I sent a patch to HJL over a year ago to
>     >> prevent this, it got into the libc-source as README.distributors right
>     >> away. Obviously some distributors didn't read it :-(.
>     Andrew> Ahh well I'm using 4.6.27 so it might be a little too old. Still
>     Andrew> haven't switched to ELF yet.
> It's not a question of version numbers, the README is in since 4.5.26, I
> think. It only matters if whoever compiled the libc has applied the patch to
> the kernel includes before. Where did you get your libc from ?

Debian distribution, I don't know if they applied the patch or even know
about it. I'm ccing this to them now anyway.

> Talking kernel mailing list: do you still have my previous mail ? did I Cc:
> it to the kernel mailing list ? I haven't seen it there.

No sorry don't have it anymore, I haven't seen it on the kernel list


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