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Re: FTP arrangement

: this is great for backwards binary compatability, something Linux
: has excelled at. 

With all due respect, Linux has been worse about this than many other
platforms, especially where C++ programs are concerned.  FreeBSD, for
example, has been more stable over the past couple of years.  SunOS
and Solaris ditto (but the new C++ compiler does mangle names
differently, so that can be a big problem for library vendors).  When
I released the OI/OB product for Linux, it wouldn't work within less
than six months without patches.  Not a very good record :-(.
And I keep reading about the Motif you have to relink/rebuild problems
as well, which sound a lot like the same sorts of problems I had with

Linux has done a good job, but I wouldn't say excelled, unless you
caveat it with "for most binaries" or something like that.


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