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Bug#1517: Rebooting from install disks has errors

Package: base

Rebooting my system from the 9/27 boot/root menu gets some dismaying
messages and invariably cause a kernel error.  I think it's an OOPS ---
I'm not 100% clear on the difference between an OOPS and a PANIC.

_setutent: Can't open utmp file: no such file or directory
_setutent: Can't open utmp file: no such file or directory

Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference...
[More stuff that I couldn't read]

It's not a big deal---it doesn't seem to hurt the installation at
all---but it is kind of nasty to get such an error right after installing
the system.

Note that this is 100% reproducible for me.  Boot with the boot/root
combo, mount a partition (I don't know that this step is strictly
necessary), choose to reboot the system, voila.

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