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0.93r6 install sequence suggestions

First, terminology.  There's Normal vs. Expert mode.  I suggest
that this be changed to Newuser vs. Expert.  I'll use that
terminology below.  That's suggestion #1.  #2 follows.

After install, there's a dropin to dselect.  dselect presents
an interface similar in complexity to the initial install Expert
mdoe.  It seems that if there's a Newuser mode for install,
a similar Newuser mode is needed for at least this initial
dselect dropin.  Without looking at either the first-login
stuff in detail, or looking at the dselect code, it seems
that this might not be very difficult to achieve.

1.  The dselect dropin might prompt for Newuser or Expert mode
    (or might have this info passed in via an installed file).

2.  Expert mode would be as presently done.

3.  Newuser mode would need support from dselect so menu choices
    [A], [S], [I], and [Q] could be done in sequence without
    presenting the dselect menu to the user.  Should be simple
    to do, except possibly for going direct to [Q] if [A] exited
    without establishing access.

mitchell@mdd.comm.mot.com (Bill Mitchell)

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