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Re: FTP archive

Michael E. Deisher writes ("Re: FTP archive"):
> On Thu, 28 Sep 95 19:20 EST, Ian Murdock <imurdock@debian.org> said:
> >    auto-pgp is not pgp.  It is still under GPL.  Please move it back
> > into the distribution.  Ian Jackson is the author.  You can ask him
> > yourself if you are in doubt.  :-)
> > Actually, Ian asked me to move it to non-free until there is a
> > replacement PGP, since it depends on PGP.
> Really?  That's strange.  I wonder why.  Ian?

Because if you try to select auto-pgp dselect will confuse the user by
moaning about the dependencies on non-free, and then dpkg will confuse
them even more by failing to configure.

My objection to its inclusion in the main archive is nothing to do
with my status as its author.  With my "Auto-PGP author" hat on I'm
perfectly happy for Debian to include it - indeed, I'd like to see it

However, with my "dselect maintainer" hat on I have to ask that it not
be put in the main archive until we have a version of PGP that can go
there too.  If you think about it this is a perfectly sensible
requirement of our package management scheme - packages shouldn't
depend on things which are "less available" or "of lower priority"
than they are.


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