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FTP archive

Several changes were made to the FTP archive this morning:

* The binary, ms-dos, and source directories have been moved into
a subdirectory called `debian-0.93'.  This will make it easier to
support two versions of the distribution at the same time.

* All packages in the `system' section have been moved into `admin',
and the `system' section has been removed.  The distiction between
the two sections was minimal.

* doc, info, man, and manpages have been moved into a new section
called `doc'.

* auto-pgp and pgp has been moved into `non-free' due to the fact
that it cannot be distributed commercially.  Ian Jackson says that an
earlier version of PGP that was distributed under the GPL can replace
the newer, more restricted version.

* ncurses-runtime has been moved into `misc'.

* untex has been moved into `text'.

* lynx has been moved to `non-free'.  I understand that these problems
have been resolved, so it may be moved back into the distribution soon.

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