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Bug#1496: dpkg returns to dselect on SIGSTOP

Kenny MacDonald writes ("Bug#1496: dpkg returns to dselect on SIGSTOP"):
> Package: dpkg
> Version: 0.9375-0
> This happened under .75 and I don't know if it is still a problem
> under .77.  Ian, you'll know if you changed anything about this.

No, I haven't.

> I was using dselect for the first time (for real), and it is very,
> very nice.  However, while it was upgrading my bash.deb, it stopped to
> query about the confile '/etc/profile'.  Fair enough, it was
> different.  I chose the 'Z' (?) option to suspend and investigate for
> myself.  dpkg was then stopped, but instead of starting a shell, it
> returned to the dselect menu, after which I couldn't do anything, as
> dpkg was locked.

I had a bug report like this before.  Can you reproduce it ?  If you
have two .deb files which have different versions of a conffile in it
you can keep getting dpkg to prompt by editing the conffile once and
then never answering `y' as you install them alternately.

I can't reproduce the problem on my system.  I've tried it on the
console, in an xterm and on a serial terminal running a getty_ps
(hacked not to set SIGPIPE to SIG_IGN in the login process); I've
tried it with bash and with tcsh.  None of these things have been

Is there anything at all odd about your configuration ?  What kernel
version do you have ?  I'm running 1.2.13, but the problem didn't
appear with 1.2.10 either.  What is /bin/sh on your system ?

> I had to quit dselect, manually kill dpkg, find and remove the lock
> file, and then start dselect again.  The good news is that my system
> survived the whole episode intact!  Phew :)

I should hope it survived the episode.  If you find that dselect
and/or dpkg don't recover the system properly when they die or are
killed then that is a bug - though you may need to reinstall some .deb
files to get all the packages in sane and consistent states.


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