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Bug#1505: setterm is missing

Package: miscutils

I can't find the setterm program (distributed as part of util-linux)
anywhere in the distribution (the output from "grep setterm Contents"
is empty, and this program is not on my freshly installed, fairly
complete Debian system at home).

It is not currently part of any package, but I think it might be part
of the "miscutils" package (or some other package - the decision is not
up to me).  This is the program used to set various terminal attributes,
including some specific to Linux console, like screen blanking timeout.
Not an essential package, but a sometimes useful one.

If there a program which is part of the distribution and does the same
thing but has a different name, please ignore this report (I am new to
Debian - previously using Slackware for over a year now, but it has
become too messy and difficult to upgrade, so I installed Debian just
for fun after I got a new hard drive).


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