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Re: base bugs

Michael E. Deisher wrote:
> > * I installed most of the system via dselect.  The only problem I
> > noticed is that configuration of smail (and, thus, everything that
> > depends on it) failed.  It said hostname --fqdn failed or something.
> > (Unfortunately, I didn't write down the exact error message.)  I'm
> > not certain why it failed.
> This is because /etc/inetd.conf does not exist!
> Also, /etc/services does not exist!
> Please include these files in the base system.  Otherwise, lots of
> network-related things are broken.

/etc/inetd.conf should only be included in the base system if the netbase
package is also part of the base system. /etc/inetd.conf will normally be
created by the postinst script of the netbase package.


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