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Bug#1470: many base packages not Essential

Package: (many)

The following packages were in the binary/base directory on
ftp.debian.org a few days ago, but do not say `Essential: yes' in
their control files:

adduser-1.94-1    gawk-2.15.6-1     sed-2.05-4
bash-1.14.4-2     grep-2.0-3        sh-utils-1.12-3
bsdutils-1.3-1    gzip-1.2.4-6      sysklogd-1.2-11
chfn-1.0-4        hostname-1.6-2    tar-1.11.8-1
diff-2.7-3        kbd-0.90-3        textutils-1.11-2
ed-0.2-4          ld.so-1.7.7-1     timezone-7.8-1
fdflush-1.0.0-0   modules-1.2.8-1   tput-1.0-5
fileutils-3.12-2  mount-2.4-5
findutils-4.1-4   procps-0.97-4

Packages which say `Essential: yes' are protected against accidental
deinstallation - you have to say --force-remove-essential.  Packages
which do not are not.

These base packages are OK:

dpkg-0.93.75      e2fsprogs-0.5b-4  image-1.2.13-2
miscutils-1.3-2   sysvinit-2.57b-0


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