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Re: `Special instructions' file

On Thu, 21 Sep 1995, Ian Jackson wrote:

> It seems that as we upgrade things, and change the Debian world, we
> occasionally need to tell users to upgrade in special ways.  Usually
> this involves using dpkg and/or dselect in a particular way, to get
> the right packages removed and installed in the right order.
> I propose that we create a file, or perhaps a directory, where these
> special instructions can be placed.  It would be good to have it in
> reverse order of time since the announcement, but to make it easy to
> search by package name.

It seems more sensible to me to create a mechanism for providing
release notes with the package, perhaps with separate support for
installation release notes and operational release notes.  The
release notes for package xyz-12.34-5 would then be kept with
package xyz-12.34-5 instead of being handled specially and
separately from the package to which they apply.

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