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Bug#1415: problems with acct package

  Ian Jackson writes
  Ian>  Peter Tobias writes ("Bug#1415: problems with acct package"):
  >> Maybe we should use the last command which is part of the sysvinit
  >> package and remove the last command from the acct package? Everybody
  >> installs the sysvinit package so every would have the last command.
  Ian>  Yes, that was what I was suggesting.  This would be nice and simple,
  Ian> too, rather than (for example) making a new package.

Hm, I received this obviously too late :(

I just uploaded a miniture `last' package: nothing but the binary and the
copyright file. As there isn't a manpage in the acct sources, I just refer to
the info file from the acct package. That's not optimal but all I can offer
before September 25. IMHO, the last package should go into binary/base.

The acct package, with or without last, is currently incomplete. 'sa' doesn't
compile under the current kernel. I don't know if or when a new kernel patch
comes out. I fixed some of the pending bugs, but it's not a package that I am
too proud of.


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