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Re: /dev permissions (and lockfiles, and kermit)

 CD Rasmussen <cdr@sme.siemens.com> said:

> [...]
> Lock files have got to be consistent across the board for all debian
> packages that use the modem.  So far, I expect that list to be uucp,
> kermit, minicom, mgetty, diald, efax, slip and ppp.

I haven't been following the mgetty discussion in detail.  I do
recall that there was a debian standards document at some point in
the past which specified lockfile standards.  The specified
standard was supported by the upstream kermit package but
were not the default, and one of the debianizing modifications
to kermit was for it to use the debian lockfile standard instead
of its normal default.

I looked in my somewhat outdated version of the Packaging Guidelines,
and found nothing about lockfile standards.  Perhaps that info been
deleted, or perhaps I recall it from seeing it in another document.

As far cua* vs. ttyS* goes, the kermit package currently uses /dev/cua*,
and prompts the user during initial installation to choose which one.

As far as philosophy goes --- philosophies are like [body part],
everybody has one.  "It ought to be done like this: ...." needs either
an "IMHO" or a cite, I think.  In the absence of a cited standard, or
possibly despite one, current common practice might be the deciding

Whatever the deciding factor might be, debian lockfile standards,tty
device usages, etc. need to be ennunciated in the packaging guidelines,
or in some other appropriately titled and highly visible debian
distribution document.

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