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Bug#1414: netbase doesn't use start-stop-daemon to start portmap, inetd

Package: netbase, netstd
Version: netbase 1.15-1, netstd 1.16-1

In /etc/init.d/netbase:

case "$1" in
        echo -n "Starting base networking daemons: "
        echo -n "rpc.portmap " ; /usr/sbin/rpc.portmap
        echo -n "inetd" ; /usr/sbin/inetd

This should use start-stop-daemon --start, so that if the script is
executed multiple times (for example, at runlevel changes) it won't
(attempt to) start multiple copies of the daemons.

Likewise netstd_init's routed startup, netstd_misc's startups of
rwhod, ypserv and yppasswd (which are commented out on my system, but
perhaps not in the latest version) and netstd_nfs's nfsd, mountd,
pcnfsd, bwnfsd.


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