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Bug#1409: seyon has broken control file

Package: seyon
Version: 2.14c

chiark:debian-archive> dpkg -I non-free/binary/seyon-2.14c.deb
 old debian package, version 0.933000.
 size 91166 bytes: control archive= 961, main archive= 90192.
      53 bytes,     2 lines      conffiles
     211 bytes,     8 lines      control
    1488 bytes,    48 lines   *  postinst             #!/bin/bash
 PACKAGE: seyon
 VERSION: 2.14c
 MAINTAINER: Matt Porter <porter+@osu.edu>
 DESCRIPTION: Full-featured native X11 communications program.
 DEPENDS: xbase1 xbase2 xbase3
 OPTIONAL: lrzsz kermit

dpkg refuses to install the file because of the broken Depends line.

Note that this package should be removed until it is fixed, as
otherwise any Packages file generated from the packages in the
non-free directory will be broken.


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