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Bug#1408: xfig always asks about colour/mono


	I need a few clarifications of things.  I have been very busy
lately with my workload at school, and I have not been able to keep up.

	First, the postinst in my Xfig package checks for the existence
of the Xfig app-defaults file, and if it exists, it does not ask you if
you want color or mono.  Secondly, the postrm removes the Xfig link.

	Now, my question is - does dpkg run a "remove" and then an
"install" again when it is updating packages?  That would explain why
you are getting asked more than once. (BTW - the version of dpkg that I
am using does not do this...)

	Also, the app-defaults file is simply that - an application
_default_.  It is meant to be there in case there are no other
resources for that application.  I am sorry to be hard-headed, and
it is probably caused by my not being up to date on things, but I
think that the current means of dealing with color or monochrome
support for the app-defaults in fine.  I will change it if there is
a good reason to do so. (again, I am not up to date, so I do not know
of any good alternatives).  If you could give me a little explanation
of one or two ways to do it, or point me to some documentation, I will
be happy to consider it.

	Thanks for the bug report :-),
	--D.J. Gregor,

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